We understand that a successful display campaign needs data and technology as much as placements and creative to deliver excellence, allowing us to identify the appropriate audience in the right context.

We are specialized expertise across the digital marketing and advertising technology. We are at the forefront of digital marketing, offering expertise in display, analytics, conversion, optimization for Display and Mobile campaigns.

We offer agencies a complete transparency and control over campaigns, pricing, data, and algorithms.

Our Services Includes

Campaign Setup and Creative Upload

  • Insertion order/Line items set up and creative uploads
  • Creative troubleshooting
  • Pixel generation and implementation
  • Campaign go live
  • Advertiser screen shot capturing

Monitoring and Optimization

  • Monitoring the campaign throughout the lifecycle of the campaign
  • Optimization to make sure optimal and timely delivery of campaigns
  • Manage pacing, frequency cap and targeting for campaigns
  • Supporting multiple time zones for optimization and monitoring purposes


  • Discrepancy checks
  • Pacing reports
  • Mid-month reports
  • Post campaign reports
  • End of month billing reports

The FortisLinks team brings more than 25 years of collective experience with one of the largest Media group. Proven expertise with worlds fortune 500 companies in the digital space